Episode 1136 - Critical Mass Radio Show - August 16, 2018 Bob Burg

August 16, 2018

There’s a major problem in the world today—it’s not people disagreeing with one another, but that they can’t disagree agreeably, civilly, and persuasively. Bob Burg is here to discuss how his book The Go-Giver Influencer helps leaders find common ground.


Episode 1135 - Critical Mass Radio Show - August 15, 2018 Aquiles Nunez

August 15, 2018

Aquiles Nunez is the President and creative force behind Renaissance Executive Forums for South Florida. He is dedicated to helping fast-growth companies. He will be hosting his All Member Event on Thursday Octover 4th and he joins us to discuss this annual event.


Episode 1134 - Critical Mass Radio Show - August 10, 2018 Alan Yong

August 10, 2018

Over 60% of new businesses fail within five years. What kept them upright for those years was likely luck not leadership, and momentum, not management. Author Alan Yong highlights the four pillars needed to sustain any business in his book Improve Your Odds: The Four Pillars of Business Success.


Episode 1133 - Critical Mass Radio Show - August 9, 2018 Laura Dewey

August 9, 2018


While gender inequality persists in 2018, more women are taking a stand and working towards their “seat at the table,” shaping, influencing, and impacting the industry. Laura Dewey joined us to share the steps woman can take to reach full potential and empowerment.


Episode 1132 - Critical Mass Radio Show - August 8, 2018 Teddy Burriss

August 8, 2018

Social media is a key tool many business leaders use to connect with other leaders and market their business. But how can you use it to its full potential? Teddy Burriss, a LinkedIn Trainer, Coach, Consultant and Speaker helps guide professionals on the best practices and tactics.


Episode 1131 - Critical Mass Radio Show - August 4, 2018 Michelle Bergquist

August 4, 2018

Connected Women of Influence is paving the way for women to build a strong, professional community that foster growth, support and collaboration. The organization believes that by coming together, women can help support one another professionally--leading to better advocacy on behalf of one another.


Episode 1130 - Critical Mass Radio Show - August 3, 2018 Debra Corey

August 3, 2018

Today's companies are innovating and changing at a rate previously unimagined. That's why business leaders need to know how to create a culture of employee engagment--so the whole company can offer the top services for clients. Author Debra Corey joins us to share progressive and effective approaches. 


Episode 1129 - Critical Mass Radio Show - August 2, 2018 Brad Scheller

August 2, 2018

Brad Scheller's business career spans more than 30 years. In 2009, he joined the ranks of Renaissance Executive Forums to help businesses grow. Brad works with CEOs/owners to harness their passion for growth into a tangible system for growing the company. Each year he hosts an exclusive event for the members of his community and joins us to discuss his September 12 event.


Episode 1128 - Critical Mass Radio Show - August 1, 2018 Paul Spiegelman

August 1, 2018


Identifying, connecting and developing purpose driven business leaders--that's the main purpose behind Small Giants Community. Paul Spiegelman joins us to discuss how, by becoming a part of their community, you too can discover the possibilities for your company.


Episode 1127 - Critical Mass Radio Show - July 28, 2018 Bridget Burrell

July 28, 2018


This week, Bridget Burrell unexpectedly joined us on Critical Mass Radio Show to discuss her work as an occupational therapist working with children living with developmental challenges such as autism and cerebral palsy. While on the show, Bridget also discussed her work as an intuitive reader, helping people to develop new perspectives and live their lives to the fullest.


Episode 1126 - Critical Mass Radio Show - July 27, 2018 Stephen Perun

July 27, 2018

Within a decade, cars will be intelligent machines that learn all about us--from our thoughts to our emotions and needs. Technology drives irreversible change whether we're ready or not. In My Cognitive autoMOBILE Life, author Stephen Perun provides an insider view of our automotive future. 


Episode 1125 - Critical Mass Radio Show - July 26, 2018 Ali Woodard

July 26, 2018


The U.S. teen pregnancy rate is the highest in the developed world. By embracing, encouraging, and empowering young people, Fristers helps to bring support and hope to teens in need. They provide necessary resources to make sure all familiess receive the fighting chance in the fighting chance in society they deserve.


Episode 1124 - Critical Mass Radio Show - July 25, 2018 Barry and Tyler Evans

July 25, 2018



From inception to a closed transaction, everything is hands-on at So-Cal Business Brokers. Not only do they offer several different services but also help bring peace of mind to clients and keep them as their sole focus. Barry and Tyler Evans joined us to tell us more. 


Episode 1123 - Critical Mass Radio Show - July 17, 2018 Jean Latu

July 17, 2018



Whether you are looking for project services or finance services – the team behind Ingenio Solutions is here to guide you to improve your bottom line. By working with them, firm leaders can bring about organizational benefits that fit individual needs and are engaging. 


Episode 1122 - Critical Mass Radio Show - July 17, 2018 Jean Ginzburg

July 17, 2018



As small to medium business CEOs and firm leaders, growing and marketing your business is important. But where do you begin? Author Jean Ginzburg joins us to goes over the "shiny object syndrome" discussed in her book Win New Customersand highlights how you can use digital marketing to benefit your firm.