Episode 1150 - Critical Mass Radio Show - October 3, 2018 Dr. Michael Solomon

October 3, 2018

In a postmodern world in which each person's reality is shaped by social class, gender identity, culture and lifestyle choices -- many categories are no longer relevant. So how can marketers understand the "new consumer"? Dr. Michael Solomon joined us to discuss his book Marketers, Tear Down These Walls! Liberating the Postmodern Consumerand how to break down the walls and liberate the "postmodern consumer."


Episode 1149 - Critical Mass Radio Show - September 18, 2018 Christian Kameir

September 19, 2018

Sustany Capital invests in blockchain technologies to help reshape the business landscape. One of their main emphases is tokenization strategies and smart-contracts. Christian Kameir joins us to discuss insights from the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. 


Episode 1148 - Critical Mass Radio Show - September 8, 2018 Mike Kleis

September 8, 2018

Mike Kleis is a seasoned business leader and advisor with more than 30 years of broad business experience. He is noted for his strategic approach and ability to connect the dots between business plans and results. He joined us to discuss his Renaissance Executive Forums business and the upcoming Iowa CEO Summit to be held on Thursday, November 1st.


Episode 1147 - Critical Mass Radio Show - September 8, 2018 Steve Jadczak

September 8, 2018


Leave all your lighting concerns and work to the professionals! Light Up My Holiday is here to take care of everything so you can fully cherish what matters most to you. Steve Jadczak joined us to share how he started the firm with his passion and interests.


Episode 1146 - Critical Mass Radio Show - September 8, 2018 Kyle Maguire

September 8, 2018


Driven by clients needs, American Business Bank focuses on individuals needs with sound and proven banking practices to bring you profits. And they focus on only one niche -- middle market companies. Kyle Maguire, the VP and Senior Relationship Manager, joined us with more. 


Episode 1145 - Critical Mass Radio Show - September 8, 2018 Elizabeth Hendershot

September 8, 2018


1 in 4 homeless individuals is an unaccompanied woman – that’s 25% of the homeless population  –  a population that is severely under-served and overlooked nationally and locally. Elizabeth Hendershot from WISEPlace joined us to share how their non-profit is making a difference.


Episode 1144 - Critical Mass Radio Show - August 31, 2018 April Sather

August 31, 2018


Vision and values-- Illuminar Consulting partners with small and mid-sized organization leaders to help them grow and design technology governance and cyber security frameworks. The team makes sure to enable and accelerate secure digital transformations for all its clients to make sure they get the best of the best. April Sather joined us with more.


Episode 1143 - Critical Mass Radio Show - August 30, 2018 Howard Partridge

August 30, 2018

People long to belong. Leaders who build a culture of true community in the workplace tap into that powerful need to connect – leading to soaring levels of employee engagement. Author Howard Partridge joins us to discuss how he highlights this in his book The Power of Community


Episode 1142 - Critical Mass Radio Show - August 29, 2018 Jodi Duva

August 29, 2018


Supporting innovative start-ups and providing access for entrepreneur –that’s what the Get Start Orange County Pitch Competition is based on. On the back bone of the competition is Cox Business Group and their mission to be a local conduit for the next great company.


Episode 1141 - Critical Mass Radio Show - August 25, 2018 Patrick Schwerdtfeger

August 25, 2018


Anarch is coming. Decentralization is accelerating, and technology is facilitating the trend.  Patrick Schwerdtfeger is a business futurist and joined us to discuss the impact big data, AI and blockchain is having on our economy.


Episode 1140 - Critical Mass Radio Show - August 24, 2018 Desiree Patno

August 24, 2018


Fraud and embezzlement in banks can drastically take a toll on business owners. But it is possible to change the system and protect our hard- earned money. Desiree Patno, the CEO of NAWRB is looking to spread the word on this issue. She joins us to talk about her own personal experiences and how you can avoid becoming a victim.


Episode 1139 - Critical Mass Radio Show - August 23, 2018 Robert Eakin

August 23, 2018


With big banks dominating over mid-sized mortgage bankers, JCAP Financial Group is here to offer the best customer service to get clients to where they need. Robert Eakin joins us with more.


Episode 1138 - Critical Mass Radio Show - August 22, 2018 Richard Ellison

August 22, 2018


Which path are you on? Finding the top career, overcoming potential barriers, pursuing a stable career...It doesn't matter which choice you make, because you're definitely going to want to be both successful and happy. Richard Ellison of Path2HappiSuccess joins us to tell you how you can get the best of both worlds.


Episode 1137 - Critical Mass Radio Show - August 17, 2018 Luke Mysse

August 17, 2018


Burning calories to give calories--Active for Good runs 30-day activity challenges for companies and groups. Participants are sponsored to get active, unlocking food packets for kids. Luke Mysse joined us to discuss. 


Episode 1136 - Critical Mass Radio Show - August 16, 2018 Bob Burg

August 16, 2018

There’s a major problem in the world today—it’s not people disagreeing with one another, but that they can’t disagree agreeably, civilly, and persuasively. Bob Burg is here to discuss how his book The Go-Giver Influencer helps leaders find common ground.