Episode 1188 - Critical Mass Radio Show - February 14, 2019 John Kurtz

February 14, 2019


Dog lovers unite! John Kurtz, CEO of Dog Is Good joined Ric in the studio to talk about the importance of dogs in people's lives and how to brand and market to dog lovers.


Episode 1187 - Critical Mass Radio Show - February 13, 2019 Lily Li

February 13, 2019


As a privacy lawyer in Southern California, Lily Li of Metaverse Law recognized the growing market for legal services focused exclusively on data privacy and protection. Metaverse Law helps companies in the high-tech, digital marketing, healthcare, and e-commerce technologies by finding practical solutions for everyday online business problems.


Episode 1186 - Critical Mass Radio Show - February 7, 2019 Don DiCostanzo

February 7, 2019

A lifelong love of cycling and hatred of hills prompted serial entrepreneur Don DiCostanzo to co-found Pedego Electric Bikes in 2008 with his best friend Terry Sherry. Starting with his own capital and no experience in the bicycling industry, Don parlayed his automotive industry experience and entrepreneurial know-how to build the best electric bike company. And today, Pedego is the #1 electric bike brand in the U.S. according to Navigant Research. Don is here to share more of his endeavors.


Episode 1185 - Critical Mass Radio Show - February 6, 2019 Janine Lombardi

February 6, 2019

Janine Lombardi founded J9 Leading Solutions to help leaders live better lives and lead more effectively. Not only does she provide leadership training but also consulting services. And her shared proven strategies show her ambition and passion. Janine is here today to tell us more about career and women in business.


Episode 1184 - Critical Mass Radio Show - January 26, 2019 JJ Richa

January 26, 2019


When it comes to exit planning or succession planning, most business owners are late to address the subject until it is too late.  In order to maximize value, entrepreneurs and owners should solicit the help of trusted advisors.  In order to increase valuation, businesses, most and foremost, require the assistance of a seasoned operational trusted advisor (experienced CEO or COO) to help put the right processes in place, increase efficiencies and increase profit. Such CEO/COO trusted advisors should work on setting up the business in manner that is less dependent on few individuals that have been there since the beginning. JJ Richa joined us to discuss. 


Episode 1183 - Critical Mass Radio Show - January 25, 2019 Chase Geiser

January 25, 2019


Chase Geiser and his firm Cube LLC has managed millions in digital advertising campaigns. He will be on the radio show to share the big ideas contained within his latest talk titled “The Power of Digital Content Marketing.”


Episode 1182 - Critical Mass Radio Show - January 24, 2019 Susan Kenny

January 24, 2019


Through compassion, integrity, respect, innovation, and transparency – the Ronald McDonald House works to provide a community where children and families embrace life with hope, courage, and joy. And your donations are put to good use to help make a difference in the community. Susan Kenny from the OC Ronald McDonald House is here to share more.


Episode 1181 - Critical Mass Radio Show - January 23, 2019 Melinda Kelly

January 23, 2019


In today’s world, when you need help you need to reach out and get it. Whether it be business, financial, career, or personal help – having a great mentor or coach can help your move forward. Author Melinda Kelly joined us to share how her book Finding Your Coach helps readers seek effective coaches.


Episode 1180 - Critical Mass Radio Show - January 17, 2019 Tony Assali

January 17, 2019

In 1970, Tony Assali came to the United States from Beirut, Lebanon, with only $28 in his pocket. He has written his story of entrepreneurial success in his first book Catch the White TigerTony will be discussing the origin of this term and the impact it has had on his journey.


Episode 1179 - Critical Mass Radio Show - January 16, 2019 Jacqui Genow

January 16, 2019


Jacqui Genow is a Brand and Business Strategist. Her focus goes beyond marketing to making the connections between how marketing decisions made today can impact your business in the future. She partners and listens to client needs, provides deep insights, approaches issues from the customer's perspective. Dr. Shawn Andrews interviews Jacqui in the studio to discuss how Jacqui provides clarity to her clients and figures things out.


Episode 1178 - Critical Mass Radio Show - January 10, 2019 Adam Miller

January 10, 2019



No single road can directly meet everyone's needs. That's why Vibrant Software makes sure to utilize all forms of technology and sources to make sure their clients are represented in the best way possible when it comes to web solutions.


Episode 1177 - Critical Mass Radio Show - January 9, 2019 Angelo Ponzi and Rich Cocuzzo

January 9, 2019


2019 is here! What's your game plan to lead yourself/your team towards a winning year? Join Angelo Ponzi of The Ponzi Group and Rich Cocuzzo of Sales Velocity Advisors to learn how you can make the most of 2019 for you and your firm.


Episode 1176 - Critical Mass Radio Show - December 20, 2018 Shawn Andrews

December 20, 2018


With her expertise in work experience and knowledge in leadership, Dr. Shawn Andrews is expanding her work one industry at a time. Her latest – creating a Women’s Power Peer Group where Women business leaders can help guide and support each other in their work. Dr. Andrews joins us to share her inspiration behind this specific peer group and more. 


Episode 1175 - Critical Mass Radio Show - December 19, 2018 John Warrillow

December 19, 2018

Run your company, don’t let it run you. Many business owners decide to go independent so they can have more freedom, invest in their passion, and work on their own future. But it doesn’t always easily shape and form to what the initial plans were. John Warrillow joins us to discuss the 8 drivers of company value.


Episode 1174 - Critical Mass Radio Show - December 7, 2018 James Patterson

December 7, 2018

Farmers around the world are using webs software to manage their orchard and detect early problems. Aerobotics helps to provide this tech to farmers through drones and flight planner apps. CEO James Patterson joined us to tell us more.