Critical Mass Business Talk Show | Orange County’s Longest-Running Business Talk Show | Hosted by Ric Franzi

Episode 1294 - LinkedIn Live Conversation with Author Bill Flynn

November 14, 2020

Ric talks with author Bill Flynn about his new book "Further, Faster: The Vital Few Steps That Take the Guesswork out of Growth".

Here are the topics and questions they discuss:

What is the MAIN IDEA contained in your book?

What are some vital essentials to scaling your business?

Why performance is a team sport

How to run your business as a coherent system

How and why cash rules

Can you tell us about the inspiration for writing this book?

Discuss and highlight the reason/reasons that motivated you to write this book.

Who is the target audience for your book?

Take us through the table of contents of the book.

What advice can you give to our audience, who want to write a book, about how to successfully write and publish a book.

What have you learned about the <business growth> that you did not know prior to publishing your book?

How does someone get in touch with you or learn more about your firm?

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