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Critical Mass Radio Show July 14, 2015 Sherry Benjamins and Maxine Shaprio

July 15, 2015

Today's show guest hosted by Azia Celestino featured our first guest Sherry Benjamins, CEO of S. Benjamins & Company, Inc. Sherry joined Critical Mass Radio Show to share her experiences and expertise in how CEO's and executives of middle market companies can strategically find and hire exceptional job candidates for their business. 

Our second featured guest on Critical Mass Radio Show, Maxine Shapiro, joined Azia in the studio. As a corporate trainer, coach and keynote speaker using one the most exhilarating forces in business today, improv, Maxine Shapiro describes her process that has transformed rote customer service into an Awesome, Outrageous, Legendary Customer Experience for small to large size  businesses and the why-and-how leaders can create an innovative and collaborative culture with motivated employees.

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