Critical Mass Coast to Coast Radio Show June 26, 2014 Sandy McDougle, Sandra Leibowitz and Working Wardrobes VetNet Nite

June 27, 2014

Sandy McDougle, founder and owner of Sandy's Plants, turned her hobby and passion for botanical gardening into a family owned business in the Richmond, VA area. With many offers to sell to larger botanical companies, Sandy refused and decided that the one on one intimate relationships with her customers were an important aspect to the success of her business. 

Managing Principal at Sustainable Design Consulting, Sandra Leibowitz, joined our show to talk about the trend in moving towards green buildings in both commercial and private establishments. With the movement towards green energy, sustainable green construction is also on the rise. 

Critical Mass Radio Show host Richard Franzi attended the annual Working Wardrobe VetNet Nite on the Battleship USS IOWA this past weekend to learn more about Working Wardrobes fundraising event that supported all veterans returning to the workforce.