Critical Mass Non-Profit Radio Show May 28, 2014 Nhadira Johnson, Dr. Vince Rodriguez and Tom Pollack

June 2, 2014

VP of Instruction Dr. Vince Rodriguez and Nhadira Johnson, Acting Director of Marketing and Public Relations at Coastline Community College join us for our non-profit segment to share more about Coastline Community College and what the college is doing to help its students. Dr. Rodriguez also talks to us about the latest in how technology is changing education and how it has affected the growth of the college. 

CEO of ExplorOcean, Tom Pollack, also joins us in the studio to talk about his path to ExplorOcean. Tom talks to us about some of the programs ExplorOcean is offers in educating youth about the ocean. He also talks about the upcoming event Simply Sustainable Seafood Fest on June 8, 2014 celebrating World Ocean Day.