Critical Mass Radio Show September 19, 2013 Debra Hoffmeyer and Bill Black

September 30, 2013

Debra Hoffmeyer, CEO of CITrials join our show to discuss the impact, if any, that globalization of clinical trials has had on her firm.  Debra's firm is learning how to grow in a world dominated by the internet and is now using social media to help find patients for their clinical trials. 

Bill Black, Certified Exit Planner at Exit & Retirement Strategies has over 25 years of Succession and Exit planning experience in Orange County and Southern California.  Bill knows how to get business owners over the "Perma-Five" year plan and into an exit strategy that works.  Bill was one of the first in the US to earn the prestigious CExP (Certified Exit Planner) designation and served as Chairman of "The Private Business Group".