Critical Mass Radio Show July 30, 2013 Jennifer and Scott Fontana

July 31, 2013

Jennifer and Scott Fontana, Owners of Cristophe Salon Newport Beach join our show to discuss the current state of the hairstyling industry and the current business trends their industry is facing. Scott and Jennifer have managed to grow their business at a rate of nearly 5% every year; finding business growth even during the recession.



Critical Mass Radio Show July 24, 2013 Dr. David Jones and Tyler Russell

July 25, 2013

Dr. David Jones, President and CEO of HirePayoff joins our show to discuss how companies can use HirePayoff to make smarter and longer-lasting new hires. David explains the difference between "Can Do" skills and "Will Do" qualities and how to use these skills and qualities to determine which potential employees to hire.

Tyler Russell, Founder of KX 93.5
discusses the current developments in local radio in Orange County. Tyler is the Founder of a non-commercial radio station and has received the "Community Hero" award of Laguna Beach for creating Laguna's only FM radio station.



Critical Mass Radio Show July 23, 2013 Scott Hamilton and Sabrina Irsay

July 25, 2013

Scott Hamilton, President and CEO of Executive Next Practice Institute joins our show to explain the concept of "Next Practices" and how he applies the power of peer learning to Executive Next Practice Institute. Scott will also discuss the meaning behind Neuroleadership and how other firms can grow and benefit through the use of this innovative idea.


Sabrina Irsay , Community Development Manager for the Greater Los Angeles/Orange County Area Chapter of
Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America discusses the second annual CCFA Bocce Invitational at Il Fornaio on August 23, 2013.  There will be bocce ball, live jazz, beer and cocktails; proceeds will benefit the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America.



Critical Mass Radio Show July 17, 2013 Wayne Breitbarth and Christopher Buckstein

July 25, 2013

Wayne Breitbarth, Author of The Powerful Formula for LinkedIn Success joins our show to discuss the recent changes to LinkedIn and which of these changes are helpful and which just cause frustration. Wayne will explain what a novice LinkedIn user should focus on when setting up their new profile and what will help them stand out from the crowd.

Christopher Buckstein, Director of The Entrepreneurship Village at Chapman University discusses the resources the Entrepreneurship Village at Chapman University offers to student and non-student entrepreneurs. The Entrepreneurship Village has formed a couple key partnerships and expects even greater physical and network growth within the next 5 years.


Critical Mass Radio Show July 11, 2013 Ed McClements and Glen Garrity

July 17, 2013

Ed McClements, Senior Vice President-Benefits of Barkley Insurance and Risk Management discusses ObamaCare in depth and explains what it will cost to get insurance on the new California Exchange System. Barkley Insurance & Risk Management is one of the premier risk management consultants and insurance brokers in California.


Glen Garrity, Founder of G2 Identity Management explains how a business can defend itself against identity fraud and what firms should look for when checking a job applicant's identification. G2 Identity Management helps protect businesses from identity fraud and teaches them what steps to take to reduce their liability.



Critical Mass Radio Show July 10, 2013 Ron Viggiano and Scott Hauge

July 15, 2013

Ron Viggiano, President of Austin Taylor, Inc. joins our show to discuss his inspiration behind starting a custom-made men's business and casual wardrobe company. Austin Taylor Inc. designs and delivers custom wardrobes for men with a unique, one-on-one consultative approach.


Scott Hauge, President of CAL Insurance & Associates, Inc. discusses how his firm is connecting with their clients and potential clients through the use of their blogs: CAL Insurance Blog and Small Business California Blog. CAL Insurance & Associates, Inc is an independent insurance agency and an advocate for small business in San Francisco, California and the nation.